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Validating checkboxes in asp net

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It is pretty easy to implement required field validation for static case.Just use the Required Field Validator and set its Control To Validate property to ID of Text Box control.For j Query 1.6 the attr() function will not work for Checking and Unchecking Checkbox therefore use prop() in place of attr() in such situations.

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Good example could be a form for feedback that contains one Check Box "Please Answer Me".But, if validation depends of any client side condition, you need to use Custom Validator.You can do it with code like this: You can test this code, if you click "Send Comment" button while chk Please Answer Me Check Box control is not checked the form will submit, but if check box is checked and txt Email is empty, Text Box txt Email will not pass client side validation and you'll get a message that e-mail is in this case required.(see * below) posting: name="Gender" value="Male" checked does not populate the underlying enum on the controller. While this is fine, I think we are missing a lot of value from the input tag. checkbox/radio are very useful to work with collections and not only booleans.field) means that helper is not appropriate for your scenario.Utilizzaremo quindi il control Custom Validator senza impostare la propriet Control To Validate, in modo da passare al gestore di evento Server Validate che andremo a creare, una stringa vuota.