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Russell Crowe has slammed Woman's Day after the publication incorrectly claimed he was dating Love Child actress Sophia Forrest, 22.
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Read more here Pretoria Counselling psychologist Eleen Polson runs Expressive Arts Therapy groups for children.

What is expressive arts therapy and how can it benefit is the subject of her latest article for za.

She also presents workshops for them on the treatment of trauma (such as complex trauma and acute trauma), mood and anxiety disorders (using cognitive behaviour therapy).

She serves on Discovery Medical Scheme’s psychology panel.

You'll hear people talking about what other people 'are like' and 'how they behave'. Some of us more than others, of course."She's an absolute nightmare! ""I suppose he just wants to do things on his own terms now.""She only said that because she wants to seem caring.""I just can't understand him! These features are what make Bob at work or Auntie Flo or the guy next door who they are.

This is not to say that people can't adapt and change aspects of themselves, but an underlying 'proneness' to personality traits can remain.

For example, the shy person can learn to relax socially, but still retain the propensity to focus on their own feelings.

The chronic worrier can learn to use their imagination more productively, but may still be prone to creating imaginative scenarios. Conversations as to 'what people are like' go way back.

A year after the first publication of this test in 1939, Wechsler described the influence of on intelligent behavior which was yet another reference to this construct (1940).Read more here or contact Eleen through her profile.Joalida Smit is a Clinical Psychologist and Child Neuropsychologist in Noordhoek on the Cape Peninsula.In this insightful piece she offers a practical 3 step guide to thinking like a psychologist for parents who are wondering if their child might benefit from seeing a therapist.Read more here or contact Joalida through her professional profile on za.You've had or overheard this sort of conversation:"Jane's got a new boyfriend! But what we really mean is "how does he seem/what are your first impressions of him? Of course, what we hear Jane's (or whoever's) new boyfriend is like depends in part on the personality (and perhaps current mood) of the friend telling us what he is like. Personality tests, quizzes, and analysis are massively popular search terms.